June 07, 2024

About Me

fb_img_1468384196124I am Anthony Ekpunobi, CM. I was born on the 8th of February 1977 in the eastern city of Enugu in Nigeria. I am the fourth of six children of my parents. I had my Primary and Secondary school education in Enugu and upon completion of my Secondary School education, I joined the Congregation of the Mission, Province of Nigeria on the 10th of October 1997.

I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, B.Phil. from St. Joseph Major Seminary, Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria in 2003. (An affiliate institution of the Urban University Rome). My thesis was on the Process Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead. In 2007, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in theology from Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu, Nigeria. (An affiliate institution of the Urban University Rome). My thesis was on the patristic father, Tertullian. While in the seminary, I was appointed editor of the Reach-out magazine, an annual publication of the philosophical essays of the seminarians of the Congregation of the Mission, Nigeria. I obtained my PhD in theology at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2021. My doctoral thesis was on the Mimetic Theory of René Girard.

I was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest on the 13th of July 2007.  I served as the Vice Rector of SS. Simon & Jude Minor Seminary, Kuje, Abuja, Nigeria (2007 – 2011); the spiritual director of The International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS), Ukraine (2011 – 2019); the parish priest of Our Lady of Mount Carmel with St. JohnBosco Parish, Blackley, Manchester (2019 – 2021); the parish priest of Our Lady & St John Parish, Chorlton, Manchester since November 2021.

My personal interest in human coexistence reflects in my writings.  The works of René Girard offered me an insight into nature of inclusive humanism. His Mimetic Theory revealed to me the rational foundation of nonviolent human relation. The discovery of the works of Girard has put my reflections on human coexistence.

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